July 2002 : Memorials section updated. War Films of India updated. Under construction - Operation Parakram : India's war against terrorism. Midi added to all pages, turn on your speakers.

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IAF Images---A bit of nostalgia from the past.
IAF Articles---More nostalgia from the past.
War Films of India---Vidcaps of Indian Armed forces in Movies.
Defence Stamps---Some stamps from my private collection.

Articles researched and written by the Webmaster
Siachen Glacier---The Worlds Highest Battlefield.
Exercise Brasstacks---The subcontinents largest Wargame.
War by Proxy---Pakistans covert war against India.
Purulia Armsdrop---The day it rained arms in India.
When Titans Collide---The worlds worst mid-air collision.
Aero India 96---India's second airshow.
The Invincible Fox----Indian recce intrusion over Pakistan.
Commission Blues---The IAF pay dispute.
Operation Shakti---Indian Nuclear Tests.
U2 Overflight---U.S recce intrusion over Pokharan.
Exercise Shiv-Shakti---Wargames with a nuclear backdrop.
Aero India 98---A showcase of aviation power.
Crash n Burn---The Flying Chapatti story.
Tragedy strikes---the IAF An-32 crash.
Vayu Shakti-99---IAF power on display.
Kargil---Pakistan's failed invasion of India.
Atlantique Incident---Pakistan's failed recce over India.
IC-814 Hijack---Terror on the airlines.
Exercise Vijay Chakra---Post Kargil wargames.
Light Combat Aircraft---The Pride of the Indian Nation.
Operation Sahayata---Indian Armed Forces to the rescue.
Aero India 2001---A showcase of India's aviation might.
Exercise Poorna Vijay---The mother of all wargames.
Operation Parakram---India's war against terrorism.

More articles
T.A.C.D.E---India's Top Gun.
Prisoners of War---Our servicemen in Pakistani jails.
Sentinels of the sky---IAF martyr's honoured.
Angels of Mercy---the IAF in Relief Operations.
Chinese Checkers---Beijings brinkmanship.
Wasted Talent---Flight safety concerns.
The Best of Friends---Indo-Israeli relations.
Disabled Servicemen---In a class of their own.
Packetful of Memories---Packet flyers reunion.
Aviation Trivia---General aviation knowledge.

Humor (warning: may offend)
Aviation Humor 1---Laugh your guts out.
Aviation Humor 2---It doesn't get any better than this.
Aviation Humor 3---Unexplained sightings of IAF aircraft.
Pakistani Humor 1---Fictitious interview with a Pakistani Pilot.
Pakistani Humor 2---(External Link)
Chinese Humor 1---(External Link)