Memorials of the Brave 4
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Memorial to the Eternal pilot at Air Force Academy.
(pic: PVS Jagan Mohan)

Memorial to World War I soldiers near Brigade road, Bangalore.
(pic: PVS Jagan Mohan)

War Memorial Park, a memorial to World War I soldiers at Cubbon road, Bangalore.
(pic: PVS Jagan Mohan)

Central Command War Memorial, Lucknow. (pic: Sainik Samachar)

Delta Force War Memorial, Doda. (pic: Sainik Samachar)

In Nov 2000, Maj. Gen. Mohinder Singh paid tributes to the martyrs of Delta Force on ocassion of its seventh raising day. The GOC of Delta Force felicitated the gallant officers, JCOs and jawans for their unflinching bravery and die-hard commitment in eliminating terrorists and retaining normalcy in the areas of responsibility. This specialised force, raised in 1994 with the specific purpose of combating terrorism, has virtually grown with lightning speed and has transformed itself, over the years, into a strong force with feathers of stupendous successes added to its cap. The credit, undoubtedly, goes to the unsung heroes who sacrificed their lives and brought honour to this organisation.

IMA Memorial (pic: Sainik Samachar)

18 Cavalry Memorial (pic: Sainik Samachar)

3 Dogra Memorial (pic: Sainik Samachar)

Shillong Memorial (pic: Sainik Samachar)

Chennai Memorial (pic: Sainik Samachar)

Kargil Memorial (pic: Sainik Samachar)

Jat Memorial (pic: Sainik Samachar)