Memorials of the Brave 3
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Colonel Chewang Rinchen MVC(Bar)

In Aug 2000, the Rinchen Shopping Complex was inaugurated by Mrs Rekha Thapliyal, wife of Maj Gen S. Thapliyal, General Officer Commanding 3 Infantry Division at Karu. Mrs Disket Dolma, widow of Colonel Chewang Rinchen MVC(Bar) attended the function.

Brigadier Rajinder Singh MVC

The "Saviour of Kashmir" Brigadier Rajinder Singh MVC Memorial at Boniyar, Baramulla.

Children play near the site designated for a statue of Brigadier Rajinder Singh in Jammu.

Brigadier Mohammed Usman MVC

The "Saviour of Naushera" Brigadier M. Usman Memorial at Jhangar (pic: Sainik Samachar)

The Usman Memorial was built in the memory of Brigadier Mohammed Usman MVC who was mainly responsible for freeing the captured area around Jhangar. This great memorial is maintained by the Infantry Unit located at Jhangar. The heroic deeds of armymen as well as civilians who died while fighting in this area are commemorated every year on 3rd of July as "Jhangar Day".

Rifleman Jaswant Singh Rawat MVC

Jaswant Garh, Bomdila (pic:

A memorial raised and guarded by the Army in honour of Jaswant Singh Rawat. The heroic tale of this jawan's bravery is inscribed on a plaque at the memorial. A brass bust of him is also installed at the site. The caretaker of the memorial takes pride in recounting Jaswant Singh's heroics to visitors.

In the Battle of Nuranang, Jaswant Singh, Trilok Singh and Gopal Singh of 4 Garhwal Rifles had held off three attacks by the invaders for 72 hours before they gave up their lives. But they had changed the course of the 1962 Indo-China War. In journey towards Tawang township from Bomdila, one reaches Jaswant Garh after about half an hour drive from the Sela Pass.

Major Puran Singh VrC

Unveiling of the statue of Major Puran Singh VrC(posthumous) at Bikaner on 14th March 1976.

The district authorities of Bikaner raised the statue to perpetuate his memory. The site is at an important road crossing in Bikaner. Earlier, in 1966, Gajner Road and a power house were named after him.

Major Lalit Mohan Bhatia VrC

Gen. O.P. Malhotra unveiling the statue of Major Lalit Mohan Bhatia VrC(posthumous) of 15 Rajput at Ram Bagh in Amritsar.

Major C.S. Krishnan VrC

Plaque of Major C.S. Krishnan VrC at Olavakkott Railway Junction.

In order to honour Late Major C.S. Krishnan, Artillery, the railway authorities put a plaque at the entrance to the first class waiting room of Olavakkott Railway Junction, which is the gateway of Kerala. It is one of the major junctions in the Olavakkott Railway Division. From here, railway lines extend to Coimbatore, Pollachi and Shoranur. Olavakkott is the junction for Paighat district, which borders Tamil Nadu and lies at the mouth of 'Paighat Opening' of the Western Ghats. The famous Malampuzha Dam and Gardens lie only 3 km away from this place and are the biggest tourist attractions in Kerala.

Lieutenant Nawang Kapadia

Memorial for Lt Nawang Kapadia and other soldiers of 3rd Gorkha Rifles at Martyrs garden in Almora.

Sowar Mangal Chand

Sowar Mangal Chand Memorial, Chushul. (pic: Sainik Samachar)

The memorial was built in July 2000 by soldiers of 63 Cavalry, an elite armoured regiment of the Indian Army. It consists of a marble commemoration stone which records the saga of bravery of all participants of the 1962 war. It also commemorates the actions of 3 Troops 'B' Squadron, and the supreme sacrifice of late Sowar Mangal Chand who laid down his life during the 1962 war.